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Microprocessor-controlled digital battery maintenance charging device with a starter for charging all battery types (GEL/AGM/START-STOP) with 6/12/24V voltage, and for starting of vehicles, delivery vans and small trucks. Startronic protects on-board electronics, such as ABS, air-bags, electronic injection, etc.


Startronic 330
Startronic 330
Startronic 530
Startronic 530

Special features of Startronic versions

  • The STAND-BY function is activated through connection to the cigarette lighter outlet of the car. It allows the disconnection and charge of the car battery without erasing the pre-set values of the on-board computer.
  • The TRONIC function allows electronic control of charging current, as well as automatic interruption and re-start of the charging process.
  • Thanks to the new implemented technology SAFE START, the on-board electronics are not damaged during the starting phase (no voltage peaks).
  • Digital display to monitor battery voltage, charging current and time
  • Battery status display
  • Protection against reverse polarity, battery failure, thermostatic interruption and faulty battery charger.

Technical data Startronic 330 Startronic 530
Supply voltage 50/60Hz 230 V 1ph 230 V 1ph
Range of adjustment 21-30 A 1-40 A
Charging/starting input power 1,1 / 7 kW 1,5 / 9,5 kW
Charging / starting voltage 6 / 12 / 24 V 6 / 12 / 24 V
Charging current 50 A 75 A
Rated charge current 30 A 40 A
Starting peak current 230 A 400 A
Battery rated power 10 / 450 Ah 10 / 600 Ah
Degree of protection IP21 IP21
Dimensions L/W/H mm 230×260×390 230×260×390
Trolley optional
Weight 16,3 kg 19,5 kg
Order Number 529033 529034
Technical data Trolley  
Weight 11,9 kg
Order Number 503002

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