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TRUCK Accu-Starter 12V/24V

EUROTEC Battery Starter Chargers are still unrivalled in their performance, electronics and use on the world market. These devices proven for years are ideal for use in workshops and fleets. Their standard equipment includes safety control and provides many protective functions.

The battery charge condition can be immediately recognized on the battery capacity indicator.

1024 SK
1024 SK
(trolley optionally)
2024 SK
2024 SK
with trolley (standard)

Special features of 1024SK and 2024SK

  • Developed according to the criteria of well-known motor vehicle manufacturers
  • Start: automatic voltage selection (12V/24V), no voltage spikes
  • Protection against reverse polarity and short circuit, with a warning buzzer
  • Manual override of safety electronics
  • Unmatchable high starting power, enormous power reserves
  • Protection against excessive discharge with switching-off
  • Ideal for working with vehicle electrics: 12V/24V via grey socket (our adapter cable, item No. 604052), via 4mm red-black socket (for a banana plug), or a car-socket (via a suitable cable)
  • The safest starting aid for all vehicles

Technical data 1024SK 2024SK
Input 110-240V 14,7V DC 14,7V DC
Ratedl voltage 12/24 V 12/24 V
Charging + Diagnostic Current 12V 10,0 A 10,0 A
Starting power A 12/24 V 1600/800 2000/1000
Peak Amp. 12/24 V 4800/2400 6000/3000
Dimensions L/W/H mm 505/320/210 600/300/200
Trolley optionally standard
Startcable ø mm²/ long cm 50/165 50/200
Weight 27,9 kg 39,0 kg + 6,0 kg Trolley
Order Number 47110 47420

Technical subjects to change without notice