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Truck Accu-Starter (ST)

EUROTEC has developed a new ST series. These battery starters are extremely efficient. They provide start power for the largest vehicles, too!

This starter has a manual voltage selection 12V / 24V!

As with all EUROTEC starters, the original Hawker high-performance battery is installed here as well.

1500 ST / 2000 ST
1500 ST / 2000 ST

Special features of 1500ST and 2000ST

  • Reverse polarity protection by a warning buzzer
  • No voltage on pliers
  • Maximal cold start power due to proven Hawker’s batteries
  • Battery condition indicator
  • Start with empty battery, as well
  • Manual selection of 12V or 24V
  • No voltage spikes

Technical data 1500ST 2000ST
Input 110-240V 14,7V DC 14,7V DC
Rated Voltage 12/24V 12/24V
Diagnostic Current 12V 10 A 10 A
Starting power 12/24V 800A/800A 1000A/1000A
Peak Amp. 12/24V 2400A/2400A 3000A/3000A
Trolley optionally optionally
Startcable ø mm² / long cm 50/165 50/200
Dimensions L/W/H mm 505/320/210 600/300/200
Weight 29,0 kg 38,0 kg
Order Number 47200 47500

Technical subjects to change without notice