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CAR + Motorcycle Accu-Starter

Passenger car 12V battery boosters + motor bike 12V battery booster

EUROTEC has extended its 812SC to “812SC plus” by adding a connection for a motor bike starting cable.

812SC plus and 812SC have the same technical data.

In addition, a motorcycle connection is integrated in this model. The extra motorcycle cable with smaller pliers can also be used to connect motorcycle batteries without problems. (max. 100A!)

Upgrading 812SC to 812SC plus:

All old 812SC devices can be extended by this additional connection plug. The retrofit can by performed by our technicians at any time. For retrofitting, feel free to send your device to us.

By special request, we can also retrofit your other 12V devices (612SC and 1012SC).

812SC plus
812SC plus
812SC plus
812SC plus
Motorcycle connection
Charging station
Charging station
for 612SC/812SC/812SC plus

Special featurs of 812SC plus

  • Extension by a connection on the back + adapter cable with smaller pliers to start also motorcycles
  • Developed according to the criteria of well-known motor vehicle manufacturers
  • The safest starting aid for all passenger cars at the top of the range
  • Start: automatically 12 V, without voltage spikes
  • Manual override of safety electronics
  • Unmatchable high starting power, enormous power reserves
  • Ideal for working with vehicle electrics: 12 V via 4mm plug, or 12 V socket
  • Protection against reverse polarity and short circuit, with a warning buzzer
  • Protection against excessive discharge with switching-off
  • Battery voltage indicator
  • Automatic switch-off for rest time

Charging station = perfect Accu charging

  • Immediate charging after the starter’s use
  • Starting device is always ready for operation
  • Longer battery lifespan
  • No time losses for device searching
  • Can be mounted on walls and tables

Charging station: Accessory for 612SC / 812SC and 812SC plus !

Technical data 812SC plus  
Input 110-240V 16,5 V
Charging Current at 14.5V 2,5 A DC
Starting Power at 12V / Motorcycle 800 A / max. 100 A
Peak Amp. 2400 A
Charging station optional
Dimensions L/W/H mm 365/300/160
Car Startcable ø mm²/ long cml ømm²/ Länge cm 35/150
Motorcycle Startcablel ømm²/ long cm 10/150
Weight kg 13,2 kg
Order Number 47480
Technical Data Charging station  
Siutable for 612SC, 812SC and 812SC plus
Dimensions H/B/T mm 160/275/250
Weight kg 2,0 kg
Order Number 47330

Technical subjects to change without notice