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CAR Accu-Starter

EUROTEC has further developed its 500S – the top-seller of recent years. The size of this “Super Compact“ device = “SC” is now approx 30% smaller. Perfect safety of use and high performance remain unchanged. Charging is performed with an external 3-step high-frequency chargers of 2.5 A. Optionally there is a perfect charging console for mounting on tables and walls.

612 SC / 812 SC
612 SC / 812 SC
(with charging station optionally)
1512 SC
1512 SC
(1512 SC Illustration similar)
Charging station
Charging station
for 612SC/812SC/812SC plus

Special featurs of 612SC, 812SC and 1512SC

  • Developed according to the criteria of well-known motor vehicle manufacturers
  • The safest starting aid for all passenger cars at the top of the range
  • Start: automatically 12 V, without voltage spikes
  • Manual override of safety electronics
  • Unmatchable high starting power, enormous power reserves
  • Ideal for working with vehicle electrics: 12 V via 4mm plug, or 12 V socket
  • Protection against reverse polarity and short circuit, with a warning buzzer
  • Protection against excessive discharge with switching-off
  • Battery voltage indicator
  • Automatic switch-off for rest time

Charging station = perfect Accu charging

  • Immediate charging after the starter’s use
  • Starting device is always ready for operation
  • Longer battery lifespan
  • No time losses for device searching
  • Can be mounted on walls and tables

Charging station: Accessory for 612/812 SC!

Technical data 612SC 812SC
Input 110-240V 16,5 V 16,5 V
Charging Current at 14.5V 2,5 A DC 2,5 A DC
Starting Power at 12V 600 A 800 A
Peak Amp. 1800 A 2400 A
Charging station optionally optionally
Dimensions L/W/H mm 365/300/160 365/300/160
Startcable ø mm²/ long cm 35/150 35/150
Weight kg 10,5 kg 13,2 kg
Order Number 47460 47480
Techical data 1512SC  
Input 110-240V 16,5 V
Charging Current at 14.5V 2,5 A DC
Starting Power at 12V 1000 A
Peak Amp. 3000 A
Charging station -
Dimensins L/W/H mm 365/310/205
Startcable ø mm²/ long cm 35/200
Weight kg 20,0 kg
Order Number 47512
Technical Data Charging station  
Siutable for 612SC, 812SC and 812SC plus
Dimensions H/B/T mm 160/275/250
Weight kg 2,0 kg
Order Number 47330

Technical subjects to change without notice