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CAR Accu-Starter-Charger

Based on the most successful battery starter models in recent years, EUROTEC has developed an additional state-of-the-art product series named the EUROTEC Battery Starter Charger. These devices are optimal starting aids with integrated high-frequency 3-step chargers, for any external 12V battery.

Thanks to this integrated charging technology, a device battery can be optimally and reliably charged in a very short time. That ensures a long lifespan of the battery.

It is ideal for diagnostic current supply in any car workshop, with no time limits and absolutely reliable.´

1012 L20
1012 L20

Special features of 1012 L20

  • Developed according to the criteria of well-known motor vehicle manufacturers
  • Battery test via built-in electronics
  • Circuit breakers are placed under a transparent panel
  • Protection against reverse polarity and short circuit, with a warning buzzer
  • Manual override of safety electronics
  • Unmatchable high starting power, enormous power reserves
  • Protection against excessive discharge with switching-off
  • Ideal for working with vehicle electrics:
  • 12 V via grey socket (our adapter cable, item No. 604052), via 4mm red-black socket (for a banana plug), or a 12V car socket (via a suitable cable)
  • The safest starting aid for all vehicles

Especially in this series:

  • Voltage indication diodes for own battery in the front operating panel
  • Charging cable in a non-heating device socket in the lower cable compartment (for int.110-240V cable)
  • Charging device ventilation, fully automatic control
  • Optimal charging for 12V vehicle batteries

Technical data 1012 L20   
Input 110-240V AC 2,6-1,3A /x2
Charging + Diagnostic Current 20,0 A
Output Testing Current 4mm sockets 12V 10A/10A
Starting Power A 12V 1200
Peak Amp. 12/24 V 3600
Dimensions L/W/H mm 455/310/210
Trolley optionally
Startcable Ø mm²/ long cm 35/165
Weight 18,0 kg
Order Number 67412

Technical subjects to change without notic