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Batteries (Rechargeable)

The Hawker’s batteries used by us are based on a unique “thin plate” technology using refined lead and tin. The technology unites two intrinsically conflicting properties on the one hand, extreme high-current conductivity and, on the other hand, high resistance to the ambience and long lifespan. Due to the use of recombination technology, there is no longer a need to refill water.

EEA Batteries
EEA Batteries
EEA Batteries view
EEA Batteries view

Characteristics and Features

  • Form-closed design with immobilized electrolyte absorbed in a fleece (AGM) enables flexible installation
  • Safety relief valves for each cell to avoid re-ignition
  • Reduced need of ventilation due to utilization of reduction factors acc. to DIN VDE 0510, T2
  • Compact installation, up to 70 per cent space saving compared with conventional battery systems
  • Can be used at low temperatures up to -40°C


  • Electrodes: thin grid plates using the technology of refined lead and tin. Designed for the highest discharge currents, low internal resistance, and long lifespan
  • Separation: lass fleece separator with a high degree of absorption
  • Casing material: battery housing and cover are made of shockproof plastic, flame-retardant acc. to UL94-VO
  • Electrolyte: diluted sulfuric acid absorbed in the fleece
  • Pin variant: electrolyte-proof terminal with corrosion-resistant pole screw made of stainless steel
  • Connection: copper cable with fork terminal and cover cap
  • Trickle charging: 2.29 Volt each cell at 20 °C
  • Temperature range: from –40 °C to +45 °C
  • Storage time: up to 2 years at 25°C

Technical Data 12EP16 12EP26
Rated voltage 12,0 V 12,0 V
Capacity at 25°C
(C10 at 1,75 V/Z per cell)
16,0 Ah 25,0 Ah
Capacity at 25°C
(C2 at 1,50 V/Z per cell)
6,5 Ah 10,1 Ah
Internal resistance (mOhm/unit) 7,5 5,0
Short Circuit current A 1600 A 2400 A
Pole screw M6 M6
Dimesions L/W/H mm 181/76/167 166/175/125
Weight kg 6,1 kg 10,1 kg
Order Number (individual) 6218070 621808
Order Number (set of 2 pcs.) 6218073 6218081
Techical data 12EP42 12EP70
Rated voltage 12,0 V 12,0 V
Capacity at 25°C
(C10 at 1,75 V/Z per cell)
41,0 Ah 63,0 Ah
apacity at 25°C
(C2 at 1,50 V/Z per cell)
13,9 Ah 21,8 Ah
Internal resistance (mOhm/unit) 4,3 3,5
Short-circuit current A 2600 A 3600 A
Pole screw M6 M6
Dimensions L/W/H mm 197/165/170 331/168/176
Weight kg 14,9 kg 24,3 kg
Order Number (individual) 6218092 6218093
Order Number (set of 2 pcs.) 6218090 -

Further technical data are available upon request. Weights and dimensions are subject to usual fabrication tolerances.