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3-Step High Frequency Battery Charger

EUROTEC High Frequency Battery Chargers of compact and light construction are based on the latest HF technology. Ideal 3-step sontrol for plumb- and gel batteries. Charging already starts at a battery voltage of 3 V only, this makes it easy to also charge deeply discharged batteries.

The indicated charger capacity can be kept for ca. 85% of the complete charging band. If a simultaneous connection is provided the devices can be used as fully-fledged permanent power supplies up to a maximum power of 10 A, 5 A and 2,5 A. Models EHKL 5 and EHL 1210 are equipped with an automatically controlled ventilation fan.

EHL 1202
EHL 1202
EHKL 5 / EHL1210
EHKL 5 / EHL1210
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Special features of EHL 1202 / EHKL 5 / EHL 1210

  • High-Performance 3-step charging
  • 8 Bit Microprocessor control
  • Wrong polarity protection
  • Short circuit protection
  • Overload protection
  • Spark protection
  • High Frequency clocking
  • Easy noticeable LED-Charging indicator
  • Charging power is very stable
  • Charging curve is ideal for lead acid batteries
  • Long-term operation suitable
Technical data EHL 1202 EHKL 5
Input 240V 110-240V
Input frequency 50Hz 47 – 63Hz
Input A - 1,2A/85VAC
0,3A 0,6A / 264VAC
Output V/A 14,4/13,8V-2,5A 14,4/13,6VDC-5A
Efficiency - typical 73%/110VAC, 60Hz
  - VAC, 60Hz
Operating Temp. -20°C bis +50°C -20°C bis +50°C
Dimensions L/H/W mm 90/65/95 210/85/50
Weight 0,2 kg 0,8 kg
Order Number 51202 51205
Technical data EHL 1210  
Input V 100-240V
Input frequency 47 – 63Hz
Input A 2,4A/85 VAC
1,2A/264 VAC
Output V/A 14,4/13,6VDC-10A
Efficiency typical 73%/110VAC, 60Hz
Operating temp. -20°C bis +50°C
Dimensions L/W/H mm 210/85/50
Weight 0,9 kg
Order Number 51210

Technical subjects to change without notice