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Frequently asked questions - FAQ

Here we answer questions we are most frequently asked. If you do not find any answer on your question do not hesitate to contact us directly. It is our pleasure to help you. Phone us or use our Contact Form

Can battery jump starters always remain plugged to the mains for charging ?

Yes, they can be permanently charged since lead acid batteries are used and there is no memory effect in them.

The high-frequency charging unit switches off automatically as soon as the battery is fully charged. If the battery capacity goes down they will be automatically recharged again. (So you have always a fully charged battery jump starter ready for use)

To avoid excessive discharge of batteries we recommend to keep the starter connected to the mains for charging.

How many charging cycles the battery is capable of ?

Our high-quality batteries withstand about 1000 charging cycles even if they are empty! Of course, partially charged battery withstand even more !

That means, if you charge the battery regularly its life-cycle will be about 8 years !!!

How often can I start with a battery booster?

You can do it about 15 times (provided that the electrical device of your car is O.K.!)

Which device is recommended for lorries ?

Battery booster 2024 SK 12/24V. » Product Description

What shall I do when the capacity/charging indicator does not show anything for one of the batteries during charging or shows only one ?

In the case of such problems, please always send the battery jump starter together with the charging unit to us.

What does it mean when the indicator lights green, but the jump starter does not function correctly?

The battery is out of order. (Although it shows 12 Volt it has no capacity/power)

Charging of the battery jump starter does not work and the indicator does not move.

In the majority of such cases, the charging unit is out of order. Please check it out!

The device works, however, there is no voltage on the terminal clamps. What shall I do?

Probably, the safety fuses are defective. You can change them yourself. If they are OK it could be the solenoids that are damaged. In this case, please send the device to us!